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What Are the Best Cordless Drill Brands?

Finding the best brand of cordless drill isn’t as easy as choosing one. Do-it-yourselfers  and professional contractors don’t necessarily need the same level of power and features, or have the same budget for their new drill. There are lots of great options at many different price levels and it all depends on what you will be using your cordless drill for. Homeowners, home repairmen, and remodelers need a lightweight yet powerful drill that can be used for as long time...
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Cordless Drill Features

When shopping for a cordless drill, it’s important to know and understand the various features of modern cordless drill so you can make the best buying decision possible. Here’s a diagram of the main features and parts of a cordless drill. #1 – Trigger The trigger on a cordless drill is what controls the rotation, fastening, and drilling. On most drills, you can later the speed by varying the amount of pressure you apply to the trigger. #2 – Keyless Chuck...
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How To Make Soap with a Cordless Drill

Check Out This Cordless Drill Soap Tutorial  Here’s a recipe for making homemade soap using your cordless drill. This video demonstration comes from Denis Evers over at YouTube. Denis shows us how to take some common household products, and use a cordless drill to make a nice citrus smelling smooth natural soap! Source: YouTube

Building Your DIY Tool Kit – The Basics

Every home should have at least the basic tools ready in a tool kit for when DIY jobs crop up. If you invest in quality, well-made tools when you need them you should be able to build up a decent tool kit over time. If you are planning and embarking on a DIY home project then you can plan what tools you need. However, you never know when a home emergency will pop up so having a complete DIY kit handy...
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