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Building Your DIY Tool Kit – The Basics

how-to-build-diy-tool-kitEvery home should have at least the basic tools ready in a tool kit for when DIY jobs crop up. If you invest in quality, well-made tools when you need them you should be able to build up a decent tool kit over time. If you are planning and embarking on a DIY home project then you can plan what tools you need.

However, you never know when a home emergency will pop up so having a complete DIY kit handy can save you time and money in the long run. Below I am going to list most of the tools you will need start out with and give yourself a chance at tackling most DIY jobs.

DIY Kit Item #1 – Toolbox

If you are building up a do it yourself kit you need somewhere safe to keep all your tools where you can easily find them. Choose a toolbox big enough to accommodate all future tools now so you will not have to buy a bigger one later. Make sure its of good sturdy design and if you have kids in the house a padlock is a good idea.


diy-kit-screwdriverDIY Kit #2 – Screwdrivers

Possibly the most important part of any toolbox. Invest in a good selection of sizes and make sure you have some flat headed and cross headed ones. You can usually buy a pack that includes all sizes you will need if you look around, and if you’re prone to being a bit clumsy you can buy magnetic headed screwdrivers so screws are less likely to fall.



DIY Kit #3 – Hammer

No do-it-yourself kit will ever be complete without at least one hammer. Most hammers come with one flat side and one claw, this will be perfect for jobs around the house. You can choose something fairly lightweight as you won’t often need to hit anything extremely hard in the DIY world.


diy-kit-measuring-tapeDIY Kit #4 – Measuring Tape

Many a DIY disaster could have been avoided if a measuring tape was used correctly. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.


diy-kit-knifeDIY Kit #5 – Knife

It is amazing how often you need a knife. Comes in handy opening packets of screws, cutting or marking materials and cutting off loose ends. Always be very careful when handling knifes.


diy-kit-pliersDIY Kit #6 – Adjustable Spanner/Wrench

An adjustable spanner/wrench is ideal for any basic tool kit. Owning one of these as opposed to a set of spanners means you will be able to tackle almost any DIY job and save space in your tool kit.


diy-kit-pliersDIY Kit #7 – Pliers

A really useful tool for getting a firm grip and pulling old nails or wall-plugs out of the wall. Buy one with a toothed grip as opposed to a long-nosed smooth grip as these come in handy more often for DIY jobs.


diy-kit-cordless-drillDIY Kit #8 – Cordless Power Drill

Depending on what your budget is it’s worth trying to spend a decent amount on a cordless power drill. Buying a more expensive power drill means a longer battery life and more powerful drilling. A drill will usually always come with some drill bits. Make sure you have both wood and brick drill bits, unless you know for certain you will only drill one type of material.


diy-kit-flashlightDIY Kit #10 – Flashlight

An LED flashlight will come in handy when working in the dark or when you are trying to get a better look into a tight space. I advise having a backup set of batteries, there are few things more inconvenient that running out of flashlight power in the dark.


diy-kit-consumablesDIY Kit #10 – DIY Kit Consumables

There are several consumable items you should keep in a tool kit along with tools. Screws, nails, wall-plugs and replacement drill heads are just a few to mention. Some people don’t carry many of these items because any new products come equipped with all the necessary parts you will need. But emergency repairs around the house will not, so having some supplies of usable items in your DIY kit  is recommended.


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