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What Are the Best Cordless Drill Brands?

best cordless drill brandsFinding the best brand of cordless drill isn’t as easy as choosing one. Do-it-yourselfers  and professional contractors don’t necessarily need the same level of power and features, or have the same budget for their new drill. There are lots of great options at many different price levels and it all depends on what you will be using your cordless drill for.

Homeowners, home repairmen, and remodelers need a lightweight yet powerful drill that can be used for as long time without fatigue, and is compact enough to fit in all of the oddly shaped places it will inevitably end up. They need a reliable performance driven power drill and usually want it at a decent price.

Professional contractors and construction specialists will probably have a larger budget, and will need a top of the line reliable powerful drill with many different features.

Best Cordless Drill Brands for Homeowners, Do-It-Your-Selfers, Hobbyists, and Woodworkers

If you fall into this category, it’s more about finding the drill with the right amount of power and performance, balanced by the size and price of the drill. Many drill brands make cordless drills with the home user in mind, and here are the best ones in the table below. 

Click the brand’s name in the left column to check out some drills made by that company.

Cordless Drill BrandAbout
Black and DeckerBlack & Decker has been making high quality power tools since 1910, and continues to produce some of the best tools in the field today. They were the first inventor of a portable electric drill with a pistol grip and a trigger for an operating mechanism. This is the grandfather of the modern cordless drill you are so familiar with today. Black & Decker started out as a small machine shop in Baltimore and has transformed itself into a global provider of power tools and cordless drills used for homeowners and construction professionals alike. Black & Decker cordless drills are powerful and reliable.
SkilFounded in 1924, SKIL has been producing lower priced excellent cordless power drills and other tools for price conscious home repairmen and light work contractors. If you're looking for a great drill on a budget, a SKIL cordless drill might be just what you are looking for. SKIL offers a wide array of tools, power tools, and cordless tools at great prices. You'll get a solid drill for your money if you choose a SKIL drill.
Craftsman Craftsman is known as America's most trusted tool brand and all Craftsman tools come with a lifetime guarantee. The Craftsman name was trademarked by Sears in 1227 and has been used as their tool line's brand name ever since. When people think of Craftsman, they think of good ole' American hard work and quality. You'll never go wrong with a Craftsman cordless drill.
RyobiRyobi Cordless Drills are affordable yet made for the professional. Ryobi is the number 1 choice for power tools for many home owners, and woodworking hobbyists across the globe. Ryobi products are made with precision but also with keeping the price point down, so that you can get more power tools for less money and build your collection as fast as possible. For those looking for a new high quality cordless drill on a budget, Ryobi will suit you just fine.

professional grade cordless drills

Best Cordless Drill Brands for Professional Contractors

Professional contractors often need top of the line powerful and reliable cordless drills. The same drill that works great for hanging pictures in your house probably won’t cut it for drilling holes in sheet metal or concrete. Contractors need power, precision, full set of features, and is usually willing to pay a bit more than the homeowner to get it all. Your job depends ion it.

Click the brand name to check out some drills made by that company.

Cordless Drill BrandAbout
DeWaltDeWalt has a long history of tool innovation and has been a leader in the field for a longtime. In the 1940's, they expanded production and the company to meet the demand of wartime tool production for the Unites States military , all the way up to 1994 when Dewalt Power Tools came out with it's first line of cordless power tools. Dewalt cordless drills are high quality long lasting tools that you can rely on. If you want one of the best, buy a DeWalt.
MilwaukeeMilwaukee has been producing top end tools for over 85 years. Milwaukee was founded in 1924, and has grown to over 100 employees worldwide. Milwaukee power tools are as good as they are because of the company's work ethic and empowering their employees. Milwaukee cordless drills are an excellent choice for a reliable performance driven tool that will help you get the job done right the first time.
MakitaMakita has been one of the top designers of advanced motors for over 100 years. They've proven themselves to be one of the best time power tool manufacturers and time again. All Makita tools are made out of premium raw materials, ensuring they are the best on every level. If you choose a Makita cordless drill, you'll be getting a reliable powerful piece of equipment that will do the job when it needs done.
BoschBosch cordless drills are another choice if you're looking for professional grade tools. Bosch has been a world leader in power tools and releases around 100 new tools each year. They are always innovating and striving to produce the most useful tools possible. Bosch cordless power drills are a great choice if you want a solid reliable professional drill.

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