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Whether you are a home handyman or a professional contractor, having the best cordless drill is an essential piece of your toolbox. You need a drill that is reliable, powerful and has all of the features that you need. Not only that, but you need a drill that will hold a charge as long as possible and fits comfortably in your hand.

With all of the cordless drill choices available today, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to compare and decide between the various modelsfeatures, and prices on drills. Good news for you, we’re here to make this decision as easy as possible for you!

Let’s take a look at the best cordless drills and compare their most important features.

Easily compare voltageweightspeedprice, and chuck of the most popular cordless drills. With our sortable guide below, the time consuming task of collecting all of this data has been done for you. Compare a few drills, then just click on the name or image of the drill to dig in a bit deeper, and read the customer reviews and get the latest deal.

What Should You Look At When Buying a New Cordless Drill?

What are the most important features and considerations when buying a new cordless drill? Knowing the different features of a cordless drill and why they are important is essential to help you decide between models. If you don’t know what the features do or why they are important, then how can you compare them?


The power of your cordless drill will have the largest impact on how fast and well your drill will work. The voltage of the battery is what determines your drill’s power, and the voltages range from about 6 volts all the way up to 36 volts. We recommend buying a drill with a battery that is between 9 volts and 18 volts for general home repair, and a drill that is between 18 volts and 36 volts for construction professionals who need a lot more power and are going to use their drill for much heavier uses. Another thing to consider is that drills with higher voltages are heavier, making them a bit harder to hold for an extended time.


The chuck size is the width of the part that holds the drill bits or screwdriver heads in place. The most common sizes are 3/8 inch which is good for everyday use around the home, and 1/2 inch which is often required for heavier applications.


Drill speed is measured in rotations per minute (RPM). A low speed is considered 300 to 400 rpm and a fast speed is considered 1,200 to 1,500 rpm. Many drills have the capability to switch between slow and fast speed which makes them great for a wide variety of uses. Slow speeds are great for screwing in screws, and high speeds are great for drilling.


The best batteries for a cordless drill are high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. These batteries do add a bit to the price tag, but when you consider that you’ll get 4 times as much drilling time as a standard battery. Battery charges often take hours to recharge a drill battery, so make sure that you have at least one extra so you can rotate them. If you want faster charging times, try out a smart charger. A smart charger charges faster and it also avoids overcharging by slowing down as the battery charge gets full. This will extend the lie of your battery a good deal.


You want to make sure that you buy a drill that fits comfortably in your hand. How well you can control the drill and how long you can hold it up for depend on this. You don’t want a drill that is too large or heavy for you.

Do You Know All of the Parts of a Cordless Power Drill?


In order to make sure you choose the best cordless drill for your own intended uses, you should be familiar with the basic parts of a drill.

  1. Trigger
  2. Keyless Chuck
  3. Chuck Jaws
  4. Clutch
  5. Speed Switch
  6. Forward / Reverse Switch
  7. Handle
  8. Battery

Now You Can Choose the Best Cordless Drill with Confidence

After you have read our tips on choosing the best drill, learned about all of the parts and features on modern cordless drills, and browsed through and compared some different models, you’ll be ready to make a buying decision with confidence and end up with the right cordless drill at the right price that is just right – for YOU.

Top Cordless Drills for the Home Handyman or Professional

Dewalt DC970-K2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit

If you are looking for an all around great cordless drill for around the house repairs and light to medium construction, then the DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit is just what you are looking for. DeWalt has a long history of providing high quality power tools, and you know you can always count on a DeWalt cordless power drill.

This cordless drill is great for drilling and fastening, and works on a large variety of materials, including wood, drywall, metal, plastic

The DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit is an excellent foundation or addition to and home repairman or construction professional.

Features of the DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit

  • Small compact size for comfort and accessing hard to reach places.
  • Weighing in at 5.2 pounds, this drill is lightweight which makes it easy to hold and use for extended periods.
  • High performance motor for maximum effectiveness
  • Dual Speed – 0-450 rpm (slow speed) & 0-1,500 rpm (fast speed)
  • 1/2″ keyless chuck

There’s over 840 reviews on Amazon.com and a 4.6 out of 5 star rating for this drill! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Makita LXFD01CW 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless

If you want a cordless drill that has the perfect size, weight, power, features, battery life, and dependability – then the Makita LXFD01CW 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill is the one you want.

Makita has been designing advanced motors for over 100 years, and produces a wide variety of cordless power tools and drills to fit everybody from the home repairman to the seasoned construction professional.

Features of the Makita LXFD01CW 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill

If you want features on your drill, then you’ll get them with this one. This drill is a bit more expensive than the DeWalt DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill, but well worth the price considering all you get with this drill.

  • Comes with two 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery (also compatible with a Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery for an even longer run time).
  • 15 minute ENERGY STAR® Rapid Optimum Charger that extends the life of the battery by 430% by controlling the charger current, voltage, and temperature with a built in charger fan.
  • LED light to illuminate work area.
  • 480 inch-pounds max torque
  • 2 speeds – 0-400 rpm (slow speed) & 0-1,500 rpm (fast speed)
  • Weighs a mere 3.3 lbs.
  • 3 year warranty on the drill, 1 year warranty on the battery & charger.
  • Compact & ergonomic design for maximum comfort and reduced usage fatigue.
  • New rubberized grip for increased comfort and grip.

Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6 V Dual-Position Cordless Screwdriver Kit

The Hitachi cordless screwdriver utilizes a dual position handle that switches from straight to the pistol position to maximize the versatility of the tool. It has lithium-ion powered batteries that have a life three times longer than the standard battery life for a cordless screwdriver. The quarter inch hex chuck is designed for quick bit changes. It’s a compact and lightweight design measuring less than 11 inches in length and weighing a pound. There is a built-in LED light to illuminate your work area. The Hitachi cordless screwdriver comes with a lifetime tool warranty and a two-year batter

Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

Another best seller on Amazon.com, the Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver is an excellent choice for those looking for a top quality drill for light to medium use around the home and garage. It comes just the basic features, and can be purchased for a great price compared to other brands and models that produce an equivalent cordless drill.

Black & Decker has been designing and producing top quality power tools for over 100 years and has an extensive knowledge of the rugged necessities for building power tools.

Features of the Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

  • Weighs 3.5 lbs.
  • Comes with a 20V Max Lithium Ion Battery for maximum power, usage time between charges, and extended battery life.
  • 11 position clutch for fine tuning the torque for different materials such as wood, plastic, drywall, and metal.
  • Compact & lightweight for maximum comfort and fending off usage fatigue.
  • One speed 0-650 rmp with 115 inches-per-pound of torque
  • Anti-slip soft grip is comfortable and reliable.

Best Cordless Hammer Drill: Milwaukee M18 2605-20

The Milwaukee 7/8” SDS Plus Rotary hammer drill packs an impressive 1.8 ft-lbs of impact energy. It has a powerful and dependable brushless motor. It is an 18V drill that is one of the most compact drivers of this type. The REDLINK PLUS feature prevents over-discharge, overloading, and overheating. It has a ratcheting lock chuck to secure your bits. The ergonomically designed handles and grips absorb shock to give a secure and comfortable grip.

Milwaukee 2615-21CT M18 Cordless Right Angle Drill Kit

The Milwaukee right angle drill is the most compact drill on the market measuring less than four inches in length. It has 12 torque settings and features one of the first electronic clutches on the market. The kit includes batteries, a carrying bag, and the multi-voltage charger that takes both the M18 and M12 batteries. There is an onboard fuel gauge for the battery as well as an LED light