Screw Guns and Drills are mostly confused as similar tools because of their similar jobs. However, they are pretty different, and screw guns work differently than drills do.

Screw guns are mostly used to install drywall, plywood, or other materials that require screw insertions while drills are used to make holes.

Nonetheless, drills are a good multi-use tool and can be used for different purposes, and you can easily covert the drill machine into a screw gun with a dimpling attachment to do the job. Whereas screw guns can only be used to drive screws into wood, plastic, or drywall but you can’t use them to drill holes.

Even though screw gun has limited uses, we cannot challenge their versatility, so we have decided to give you in-depth knowledge about screw gun and drill usage in this article.

Let’s explore.

Screw Gun vs. drill: A quick overview

Drill and screw guns are way different tools, so if you plan to erect tons of drywalls in your next project, consider no other than a screw gun because you can accomplish driving thousands of screws in a few hours without any break. You won’t face a few seconds delay to reload the screw gun to continue working manually. The best thing about working with screw guns is you can set the depth of screws to get the perfect desired depth.

While the drill is a universal tool with multitasking ability compared to screw guns, you can use drills on different surfaces like woods, metals, or plastic because they come with different drill bits that can tackle any type of material for drilling purposes. Also, you can control the drill spinning speed according to the need of the material being used. Luckily, you can even use drills as a screw gun by attaching a dimpling bit at the chuck. Unfortunately, the screw driving isn’t as precise as with a screw gun. Also, you’ll be loading the screws manually every time, unlike with screw guns.

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Screw Guns Features and usage

Screw Gun

  • smooth and easy screw installation
  • get perfect screw depth with an adjustable screw depth option
  • automatic screw storage
  • screw guns are less noisy when powered
  • The forward/reverse feature on screw guns lets you drive screws into the drywall and also take them out.

As discussed earlier, a screw gun’s main purpose is to fasten the screws in drywalls, plywood, or other soft materials. The screw guns are solely designed to screw in any materials rather than driving holes. You can easily identify a screw gun with its “nose” because instead of “chuck” in a drill, the screw gun has a “nose” that stores bits for drilling. It’s also known as “tip,” and these tips are usually inexpensive so that you can have more than one tip depending on your project’s requirements.

Screw guns work faster than drills because you don’t have to insert a screw whenever drilling. Unlike other power tools, a screw gun has limited usage, and you can only use it for screwing purposes. Yet, these are less expensive, lightweight, and easily portable tools.    

Types of screw guns

You can get two types of screw guns; corded or cordless. The Corded screw guns, as the name shows, come with a cord to plug in and need an electricity supply. These screw guns are relatively lightweight because they do not carry any battery to get the supply. So, these are best for the users who don’t need to carry the screw gun out from their workshops or home.

The cordless screw guns are easily portable because they have a battery for power. These cordless screw guns are pretty expensive because the batteries are quite expensive. Ideally,  the corded screw guns suit professionals because they might need it away from their workplaces.  

Screw guns usage

As we told earlier, screw guns are solely designed to fasten screws, and these are not multitasking tools. So, if your next project requires drywall erection or plywood work, these are perfect for handling these situations. You can speed up the screwing process with these screw guns; meanwhile, you can control the exact depth required to screw.


  • Work efficiently at driving screws
  • Control the exact depth required for drilling the screws
  • Self-loaded belts … no need to feed screws manually


  • No multitasking… suitable for solely screwing purpose

Drill Features and Usage

Cordless Drill/Driver

  • Lightweight and portable
  • compact design can be stored in a cabinet easily
  • Wireless technology eliminates the need for wires and cables, enabling users to work with more control and precision. This also improves their safety.
  • Cordless drill drivers have a better gear system and higher-voltage batteries than cordless screwdrivers. This allows them to provide more torque at faster speeds.

A drill is a handy tool with a rotatory tip or hammer to make holes. Drills can be used in multiple ways, and you can use them to make holes or drive screws. You can choose different types of bits depending upon the material you are working on, which are fitted at the end of the chuck’s front. Drills with hammer attachment are more versatile and powerful. Moreover, some drills are specifically designed to perform special functions. Still, most of the drills have the multifunction ability and can be used on metal, constructions, woodworking, or any DIY projects.

Types of Drill Machines

 You can get both corded or cordless drills depending upon your need.

Corded drills

The corded drills are less expensive as you don’t have to pay for the battery. Moreover, these drills are lightweight and work more efficiently than cordless drills. Most professionals prefer using corded drills as they can plug it anywhere and work as long as they want to without any fear of running out of battery power.

Cordless drills

Cordless drills are more popular than corded drills because of their portability. But these drills are quite heavier compared to corded drills because of battery weight. Also, you may face time restrictions if you need to work on your project for longer hours; therefore, running out of battery power might limit your working capacity.

Hammer drills

Hammer drills are one of those we mentioned as “designed to perform specific functions.” These Hammer drills look like the normal drill machine; however, they are specially designed to drill masonry. Another version of the hammer drill is a rotatory hammer drill with a rotatory mechanism installed and used on concrete materials.

Drill Machine Uses

Drills are easy to use, and with the help of different drill bits, you can use drills in multiple ways. With drills you can drill holes of different sizes and drive screws in various materials. You can use titanium or cobalt bits to drill holes in wood or metal. Other than screw drilling, you can drive bolts and assemble furniture parts. Drills can also be used to mix paint and concrete with other addons. Also, with a suitable attachment, you can use drills to remove rust and metal grinding.

You only have to buy some attachments to enhance drill machine functionality. It may add up some cost to your budget, but you can do multiple tasks with drill alone.


  • Easy to install; you can conveniently use both cordless and corded drill machines and take them wherever you like to work
  • Drill machines speed up the working pace as drilling holes, or screws manually would be more difficult
  • You can drill holes, drive screws or use a hammer drill to work with masonry, all with using one tool – a drill machine
  • Rechargeable batteries will save your time, and you can charge the battery at the end of the day and work the next day without any hassle.


  • Cordless drills are heavier than cordless drills because of the battery weight, and it might create difficulty when working on a project throughout the day.
  • Cordless drills are expensive

Best pick: screw Gun vs. Drill machine

Our top recommended Screw Gun:

Top Pick

DeWalt 20V Max XR Drywall Screw Gun

Our top choice screw gun is DeWalt 20V Max XR Drywall Screw Gun. The best thing about the screw gun is it’s cordless and gives the best performance with a brushless motor. Moreover, it can work throughout the day when used with the correct battery. The designed screw gun is perfect when holding. The LED light works brightly when used in dark areas. The only drawback is it’s a bit costly and doesn’t include any battery.,

Impressive Features

  • Great speed up to 4,400 rpm.
  • Efficient runtime with brushless motor
  • ergonomically designed
  • can operate on three different screw depths

Our Top recommended Drill machine

Top Pick

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill/ Driver

We highly recommend  BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill because it comes with essential accessories, and everyone can afford it because of its budget-friendly price. The best part is, that the cordless drill comes with a battery, so you won’t need to spend extra money on a battery.

Impressive features

  • 30 piece set including a wide variety of drill bits and accessories
  • compact design, easy to carry
  • interchangeable battery; you can use the battery on any other device.
  • soft handle grip provides extra comfort during drilling
  • cordless drill works best on metal, wood, and plastic


Drill machines and screw guns are both good-to-go options because it depends on which material you will use the tool. Drill machines have better options, and you can use them in multiple ways, while screw guns can only be used for drilling screws. So, choose wisely according to your needs. If your project requires more screw driving, then screw guns will be your perfect choice; however, if you plan to drill holes in wood, metal, or other materials, go for a Drill machine.